Wednesday, May 11, 2016


It is hard to still have to tell people that my husband died at the end of March.  I can understand that people who do not live in the same town may not get the local papers, but are there that many people who do not even read the Pennysaver which is free.

Neil had not been in the house for almost two years.  I did bring him to the outside of the house to see two of our three cats.  Our youngest really did not remember him or was just afraid of the car.  Snickers really showed him that he was missed.  But, Snickers was used to saying meow to him when I called each morning.

I miss those calls and my once a week visit to Bath, NY.  I really don't miss the driving but I do miss seeing him and holding hands.  It will be strange for me to go to the usual motels without him and all that was needed.  At least, I will not have to rent a larger car as I did on our last trip.  It will be my first time driving for more than an hour by myself, unless I can get permission for Sara to come with me to Coudersport.  It would be nice to show her the sites that I love.

Monday, November 10, 2014

Nancy Dale Army Nurse

Nancy Dale Army Nurse is by Ruth Lorraine Radford.  It tells the story of an Army Nurse whose brother had been reported missing in action.  I downloaded the book from Gutenberg.

I found this to be easy to read as I finished it in one reading.  It is an old book and it is easy to read.

It fits the forename or names for the What's In a Name? Challenge.

Thursday, November 6, 2014

What An Animal Reading Challenge VII /******2014

I had signed up for Level 2 and have 13 books read to date.  So I thought I would post an end post even though I might read more.

1.  Lending a Paw by Laurie Cass
 2.  Ghost Cat: Midnight Paws by Jessica Beck
 3.  Murder with Puffins by Donna Andrews
 4.  Final Catcall by Sofie Kelly
5. The Cats that Surfed the Web  (The Cats That, #1) by Karen Ann Golden
 6.  Pearls and Poison by Duffy Brown
 7.  The Silence of the Library (Cat in the Stacks, #5) by Miranda James
 8.  Crazy Va (Lil and Boris #1) by Shannon Hill
 9.  Nine Lives Last Forever(The Cats and Curios Mystery Series #2) by Rebecca M. Hale
`0.  Parrots Prove Deadly: A Dru Marlowe Myster by Clea Simons
11.  Not The Killing Type ( A Booktown Mystery #&) by Lorna Barrett
12.  The Whole Cat and Caboodle (Second Chance Cat Mystery #1) by Sofie Ryan
13.  Fat Cat at Large (A Fat Cat Mystery) by Janet Cantrell.

Monday, August 25, 2014

Bewitching Boots

The sixth category of What's In a Name? 2014 is a school subject. I contend that a wizard or a witch might take a course on Bewitching Boots.

This book is actually part of Joyce and Jim Lavene's Renaissance Faire Mysteries.

Jesse Morton found a cobbler (shoemaker) for the Village.  Unfortunately Bill Warren, the shoemaker had made a pair of shoes for Princess Isabelle and she is found dead.  He believes the "magical shoes" he made for her was the cause of her death.  Naturally, Jesse and her husband have to find the real killer.

I am in love with these books and would recommend them to any lover of mysteries.

Friday, August 8, 2014

Being Behind

I have not been keeping up with blogging.  I guess having a lot of pain and deciding to get a new knee has a lot to do with not blogging.  I will try to catch up when I can.

Thursday, June 5, 2014

The Shoemaker

The Shoemaker(The Anatomy of a Psychotic) by Flora Rheta Schreiber is my True Crime book.  I choose this book because I knew about Joseph Kallinger and some of his crimes. (Read in May 2014)

Joe was an expert shoemaker.  Unfortunately, he was not raised by his natural parents, he was given up for adoption and was adopted by the Kallengers who wanted someone to take over their business.  He had issues from the beginning about his sexuality.  As an teen and adult he needed images of violence to be potent.  He tortured his children and involved his 12 year old in rape and murder.

I may have met him, I certainly knew his daughter, Mary Jo, as she was a student in the first class I taught - a 5th grade.  I wish I had known more about her family then.  I do know she missed a lot of school before she was in my class.  I did know Joe had been arrested for his crimes before I left Philadelphia.

Mrs, Schreiber is very familiar Criminal justice.  She has written many articles on psychology and psychiatry and is know for writing Sybil. She interviewed Mr. Kallinger in jail and talked to his family members.

I was very much surprised that his son, Joey, was almost murdered in the county in which I now live, Tioga County, Pennsylvania. Mr. Kallinger had a brochure from the Grand Canyon of PA and had taken a bus with his boys but could not get a bus to Wellsboro as it did not run on Sunday from where he would up - so Joey was killed in Philadelphia in a cellar.

It is interesting to read about someone you might have met.  I feel sorry for Mary Jo as it seemed as if she was raped by her own father, she was burnt by him, yet she did go to see him at the hospital where he finally was sent.  This book shows that judges can be wrong when it comes to people with mental problems.  It is very possible that if Joe had received help sooner, there might not have been any murders.

I would recommend this book to adults as it does get descriptive and is not for young eyes.

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Silence of the Library


The Silence of the Library by Miranda James is a wonderful cozy mystery. Diesel Harris who is Charlie's maine coon cat is featured on the cover and helps capture the murderer in the end of the book.

This book is dedicated to three wonderful writers of children's mysteries: Mildred Wirt Benson, Margaret Sutton, and Julie Campbell Tatham.  I was lucky to meet the first two of the three authors as I have a collection of Nancy Drew and Judy Bolton books.  I love the fact that Mr. James created his own children's story character and story for this tome.

For National Library Week, the Athena Public Library planned to exhibit of children's series boosk and decided to feature the creator of Veronica Thane series, Electra Barnes Cartwright.   Charlie's aunt had a collection of her books and Charlie was surprised to find that Mrs. Cartwright was still alive.  So, Charlie and Theresa go to visit Mrs. Cartwright and bring Diesel with them. A few days later, Charlie meets Mrs. Carrie Taylor who is the president of the EBC (Electra Barnes Cartwright) fan club.  She is later murdered.

The Mystery at Spellwood Mansion by "Mrs. Cartwright (Miranda (Dean) James is being read by Charlie throughout the book.  Charlie finds out who murdered Mrs. Taylor while reading the book.  The whole book is supposed to appear on but was not there when I looked.

I have enjoyed reading this series and look forward to reading the next book in the series.  This is one of the few cozies with a male lead and a male writer who uses a pen name.  It would be a good book to use to introduce men to the world of cozy mysteries.