Wednesday, May 11, 2016


It is hard to still have to tell people that my husband died at the end of March.  I can understand that people who do not live in the same town may not get the local papers, but are there that many people who do not even read the Pennysaver which is free.

Neil had not been in the house for almost two years.  I did bring him to the outside of the house to see two of our three cats.  Our youngest really did not remember him or was just afraid of the car.  Snickers really showed him that he was missed.  But, Snickers was used to saying meow to him when I called each morning.

I miss those calls and my once a week visit to Bath, NY.  I really don't miss the driving but I do miss seeing him and holding hands.  It will be strange for me to go to the usual motels without him and all that was needed.  At least, I will not have to rent a larger car as I did on our last trip.  It will be my first time driving for more than an hour by myself, unless I can get permission for Sara to come with me to Coudersport.  It would be nice to show her the sites that I love.