Monday, November 10, 2014

Nancy Dale Army Nurse

Nancy Dale Army Nurse is by Ruth Lorraine Radford.  It tells the story of an Army Nurse whose brother had been reported missing in action.  I downloaded the book from Gutenberg.

I found this to be easy to read as I finished it in one reading.  It is an old book and it is easy to read.

It fits the forename or names for the What's In a Name? Challenge.

Thursday, November 6, 2014

What An Animal Reading Challenge VII /******2014

I had signed up for Level 2 and have 13 books read to date.  So I thought I would post an end post even though I might read more.

1.  Lending a Paw by Laurie Cass
 2.  Ghost Cat: Midnight Paws by Jessica Beck
 3.  Murder with Puffins by Donna Andrews
 4.  Final Catcall by Sofie Kelly
5. The Cats that Surfed the Web  (The Cats That, #1) by Karen Ann Golden
 6.  Pearls and Poison by Duffy Brown
 7.  The Silence of the Library (Cat in the Stacks, #5) by Miranda James
 8.  Crazy Va (Lil and Boris #1) by Shannon Hill
 9.  Nine Lives Last Forever(The Cats and Curios Mystery Series #2) by Rebecca M. Hale
`0.  Parrots Prove Deadly: A Dru Marlowe Myster by Clea Simons
11.  Not The Killing Type ( A Booktown Mystery #&) by Lorna Barrett
12.  The Whole Cat and Caboodle (Second Chance Cat Mystery #1) by Sofie Ryan
13.  Fat Cat at Large (A Fat Cat Mystery) by Janet Cantrell.