Monday, September 2, 2013

Perilous Pranks


Perilous Perils is an e-book by Joyce and Jim Lavene.  It is part of their Renaissance Faire series.  I am using it as P in A-Z book challenge and it is a cozy mystery.

Jessie has received her Ph.D. in Historical Arts & Crafts and has been appointed director of a museum at the Faire.  She decides to put blue dye into Wanda La Fey's shower to get back for Wanda's gluing her dress to a chair.  When Wanda does not scream after taking a shower Jessie discovers that she is dead and blue.  Jessie seems to be the main suspect.  However, "Shakespeare" was married to Wanda and Wanda was seeing Marcus who was one of the Knights.  Others told Jessie that Sir Marcus had also been seeing Ginny Stewart at the Tavern.  Wanda's ghost is also been staying close to Jessie and aids her in catching the murderer.

I love this series and this novella is wonderful.  There are some new characters and many of the old favorites.  I love the description of Jessie's wedding gown and look forward to reading about her wedding in the next book in the series.

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