Monday, January 6, 2014

Lending a Paw

Lending a Paw by Laurie Cass is the first book is a new cozy series.  It is my L for Alphabet Soup Challenge and there is a cat on the cover and Eddie the bookmobile cat is a main cat in the story.

Minnie Hamilton is a librarian in Chilson, Michigan.  She had received a donation from Stan Larabee to help buy a bookmobile for the library.  Eddie is a cat that followed her home to her houseboat one day.  He sneaks on to the bookmobile on its maiden run.  At the Williams Town Hall stop, she finds out that no one will show up as they are all at a softball game.  Unfortunately Eddie runs out of the bookmobile and Minnie follows him.  She finds Eddie standing over Stan who has a small bullet sized hole in his chest.  She calls 911 and does CPR on Stan until help comes.

It turns out that Stan left the library a bequest in his will but his sisters are protesting the will.  Minnie's boss wants her to try to get other donations for the library.  Since Minnie is a librarian she is very interested in finding out more about Stan.  She discovers one of Stan's ex-wives and other people who might have had a motive for killing Stan.  She also manages to meet a single doctor while taking a friend to the emergency room and goes out on dates with him.

Minnie's mother has asked her to leave a note as to where she is going to be before leaving the house.  This habit becomes very important.

Eddie is a big hit at the stops the bookmobile makes.  Minnie tries her best to keep her boss from finding out about him being on the vehicle.

I loved this book and look forward to reading about Minnie and Eddie's further adventures.

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