Friday, April 4, 2014

Their Instant Baby


Their Instant Baby is the 4th book in The Deveraux Legacy. I don't remember if I read any of the other books by Cathy Gillen Thacker.  This book does work as a stand-alone.

Amy Deverauz and Nick Everton are asked by his sister Lola to be baby sitters for her son, Dexter while she flies to Germany to be with her career-military husband who was injured on a Special Forces Mission and flown to Germany for surgery.  Lola signs document which will make them guardians of Dexter if anything happens to her and her husband and dictating his care while she is away.

Lola knows her brother does not want to marry but she tells Amy that she is the one woman who could change his mind.  This book tells about how they get along and about Amy's decorating business.  Nick is a producer who meets Lala's actress mother and offers her a job.  He asks Lola to decorate his office for him.  The problem is she gets too lose for his comfort and he tells her that he does not like it.

We learn why he does not want to marry and get a short peak at what happens to them in the futre.

I liked reading this book and would read others by the author if and when I find them.

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  1. Good review Rachelle. This is away from my preferred reading genre, but I know some others who might be interested--I'll keep your recommendation in my then.

    Enjoy your weekend.