Sunday, March 31, 2013

Big Kitty

The Big Kitty by Claire Donally certainly fits in the What An Animal Reading Challenge as a cat is on the cover and a cat is certainly a big part of the book.  I am using it for B in my A-Z challenge and it is a cozy.

Kitty Harbor is a small town in Maine.  When Sunny Coolidges's father becomes ill, she leave her job as a reporter in Ney York City to come home.  She is working in tourism at MAX.  The local cat lady asks for Sunny's help to find a missing lottery ticket.  When Sunny arrives at Ada Spruance's house, she finds the cat lady at the bottom of stairs.  Stairs that a neighbor said, she did not use. Her cats are taken by the local animal control except for one, Shadow who manages to follow Sunny out of the house.  

Sunny decides to question anyone who might have had a motive to kill Ada and with the help of Will Price they investigate .  Along the way, someone is trying to scare or hurt Sunny and the ticket is still missing.  Ada is not the only one who turns up dead in this book, there are others.  It has a very interesting ending and Shadow plays a big part in nailing the murder of Ada.

I certainly would like to read more of Shadow and Sunny in the future. Shadow does not talk like Joel Grey but we do get to know what he smells and what he thinks.  He does not like Sunny's dad and Mr. Coolidge even tricks the cat into leaving the house.  Though when the cat is hurt, her dad seems to tolerate Shadow more.  It was interesting to read the comments that the cat mystery group shared about this book.

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