Monday, May 27, 2013

Once A Ferrara Wife

I am using this for my O book in A-Z challenge.

Laurel Ferrara takes a plane back to Sicily to be the maid of honor for her best friend, Dani's wedding.  There is only one problem, Laurel is still legally married to Dani's brother Cristiano Ferrara.   The stress of her returning was bad for her asthma.  

Cristiano was waiting for her at the airport and he had cancelled her room, she was to stay with him. It was Dani's idea as she felt if the two of them were together sparks would fly again.  Dani was correct as after the wedding the sparks did fly and they did make love.  What Dani did not know is why Lauren had left in the first place and neither did Cristiano.

Laurel had lost their baby and Cristiano did not come home when she called him while she was in pain.  He did not know about her past and her issues of trust.  She had been an orphan and there was a couple who was ready to adopt her when she had an asthma attack and had to be taken to a hospital.  She never forgot their house with a library that included Fairy Tales.  She had never owned one of her own.  

Cristiano surprises her with a home in the part of the island that she loved.  It seems that in Sicily, a divorce can occur only after three years of total separation and they were no longer separated. After, hearing her story about the library, he has his office converted into a library which includes a book of Fairy Tales.  She tells him that she cannot get pregnant because she actually had a tubal pregnancy and she even if she could get pregnant she did not want to go through that again.

Of course, as in any good romance story, Laurel and Dani both discover that they are pregnant.  She calls Cristiano while he is in an important meeting.  This time he hears something in her voice and comes to her.  He makes sure she has the best doctor possible.  The best friends have their babies on the same day, which we find out at the end.  We also find out that they have all the papers finished and can go and pick up the child they decided to adopt.

This book shows us that it is important to discuss things with your spouse and not to hold emotions back as the characters did.  In there case, Cristiano's sister helped get them together.  It is a re-kindled romance.  It is an extremly fast read and a wonderful one.

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  1. Cristiano sounds so sweet! It is important to communicate in any relationship. I need to remember that ;)