Monday, July 29, 2013

Big Sky Dynasty


Big Sky Dynasty by B.J. Daniels Is about Dalton Corbett from Whitehorse, Montana.  A trust was set up for the five Corbett brothers but they had to marry a Montana cowgirl before they were thirty.  Dalton had married nine years before he returned home but did not tell anyone.  He thought he had killed his wife on their honeymoon.

Nicci Angeles was the name of Dalton's wife.  She comes to town and rents a room from Georgia Michaels.  Georgia and Dalton do not know that Nicci is a murderer.  They find out she had re-married and her husband had died in a fishing accident on their honeymoon which was would have happened to Dalton.  The other crimes are discovered at the end of the book.  The other important character is Agnes Palmer.  Agnes had been hit by lightening and seemed to know Nicci was evil and what was going to happen in the future.  Ms. Palmer may seem to be going senile but she is pretty handy with knitting needles.

I loved having a subscription to Harlequin Intrigue until I was reducing expenses.  Now, I am getting a chance to read what I bought either for the first time or again.  I do not remember all of the books so if I had read them, I don't remember what happens.  I like this book because it takes place in a small town with a knitting shop.  It also has cowboys.  Together they make a great read.

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