Thursday, February 6, 2014

Marquis In A Minute


Marquis in a Minute by Roni S. Denholtz was an e-book I had purchased and not had the opportunity ro read until now.  I am using it for the Royal Title of What's In a Name Challenge.

Andrew Pennington was at a club with his friends after the death of his Uncle Elias, The Marquis of Whitbury.. His cousin, Cyril was there drinking too much and Andrew offered him a ride home. Before, he knew it, some men came in and told him that Cyril's body had been found in water and he was now the Marquis.

There was one major problem with Andrew being the Marquis, he was single and  all the woman wanted to meet their daughters hoping he would perhaps marry one of them.  After listening to music at a friend's home, he was tired of avoiding women's advances so he went outside and bumped into the daughter of an old family friend, Justine Rawlings.  They had both changed since the last time they met and they talked about the last time they met.

Charlotte, Justine's sister was younger and was in love with Kevin.  However, Mr. Rawlings would not allow Charlotte to marry unless Justine was married.  So Justine decides she needs a fake fiance and Andrew fits the bill perfectly because that would stop the women trying to fix him up.

Andrew asks Justine's father for her hand in marriage and then asks her.  She says, "Yes" and Charlotte's coming out and subsequent engagement are planned.  After her engagement is announced an arrow is shot which lands too close to the girls and the men in their lives decide to protect them.  A double wedding is planned.  Unfortunately, Justine falls in love with Andrew and does not want to end their engagement even after she is hit with a candle stick.

When Andrew is away, Justine comes up with a plot to trap the person she believes to be guilty. To find out who this is and what happens, you will have to buy the book.

I must admit that though I have not met the author, we have both been members of the same Yahoo group and have corresponded, especially after I read some of her other books. Roni describes the surrounds well and has wonderful plots.  This was a very fast read for me.

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