Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Final Catcall



Final Catcall (Magical Cats Mystery #5) by Sofie Kelly has two cats on the cover and Kathleen has two cats which play a small part in the story.

Kathleen Paulson is a librarian in Mayville Heights who has had a fight with Detective Marcus Gordon just before a theater festival is coming to town. Her ex, Andrew, had married a waitress while drunk and has ended that marriage and has come to town to convince Kathleen to go back to Boston with him.  He becomes more persistent after she finds the body of Hugh Davis who was to be the director of the plays. Her mother who is an actress/director is called and is able to come and fill the directors position.

Owen and Hercules are Kathleen's magical cats who came from a feral colony.  Kathleen and Marcus are still on the schedule to feed the feral cats together.  Heather, who is Marcus' sister is a member of the theater troop and a suspect so Marcus is taken off the murder case.

Owen even manages to her Kathleen find a clue in the case.  Since Kathleen is a librarian, she puts the bits and pieces of what she sees and hears together and does research to fill in missing parts.  Which leads her to the murderer and puts her own life in danger.

Ms Kelly makes you feel you are in Mayville Heights through her vivid descriptions of the places and the locals.  I am sure my cats would like the cat treats described and might even like sardines which they have never had.  I love the fact that they discover another cat at the colony who might or might not be magical.
I would highly recommend any mystery lover read this book.

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