Sunday, March 23, 2014

Pearls and Poison and Me

March 2014
How do you feel about being a character in Pearls and Poison by Duffy Brown?
            I am so happy I won the right to be a character in one of Duffy's books by becoming a member of her street team and in the process making a new friend.

Are you anything like Rachelle Lerner the caterer?
             I can make a few things without a recipe and miss baking but certainly not on her level.

Do you like your character?
             Most of her but I wish she dyed her hair so it wasn't grey.  I love my red hair.  Though if I had a son and he had done drugs, I would want him to be judged fairly.

Would you like to see the character continued in other stories?
              I would love to see her come back and cater some more events.

I certainly would like to see more people buy this book and have told lots of friends and relatives that they will recognize a name in the book.  I certainly liked the other books and plan to read more when Duffy writes them.

Read for Cruising Through the Cozies and Alphabet Soup Reading Challenges.  Also fits published in 2014 for eclectic challenge.

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  1. Hi, Rachelle!! So glad you had fun with you character in Pearls and Poison!! So much fun writing the other YOU! :-) Thanks tons for playing along. I’ll bring Rachelle back in other books…promise.