Sunday, February 10, 2013

Owl in the Shower

There's an Owl in the Shower by Jean Craighead George has been on my TBR pile.  I was attracted to this book because I am an Owl collector.  I saw the cover and had to buy this book even though it was intended for middle grade readers.

The Pacific Coast in northern California has old-growth forests.  Borden Watson's father was a logger and the United States Forest Service considered the spotted owl a protected species so the sale of all trees on public land had been stopped.  Borden had even tried to shoot a spotted owl he called Enrique.  The male of the species hunts for food for his young and his mate.  Enrique had found it difficult to find food and his mate also went searching.  Unfortunately, his mate and the female owlet are killed.  The male owlet is discovered by Borden who manages to bring him home and feed him.  Borden believes the owlet who he calls Bardy to be a barred owl.  They fid that Bardy likes to take showers.   

Mr. Watson winds up in a fight with someone who likes owls and receives a summons which sets a fine or requires a court appearance.  Bardy imprints to Mr. Watson and he feels this would be good for him in court.  They feed Bardy until he grows large enough to start flying.  This requires lessons and unfortunately his tail feathers break.  Mrs. Watson knows how to imp hawk feathers onto Bardy who does learn to fly.  

Before the court hearing, they discover Bardy is actually a spotted owl.  There was an insert in the newspaper that said killing or possessing a threatened or endangered species carried a $200,000 fine or a year in jail. They take him back to where Borden found him.  They discover that Enrique is Bardy's dad.    Mr. Watson winds up with a job at the fish hatchery.

This book gives a lot of information on owls.  It is a good book for children or adults to read.

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  1. I LOVE owls too :) One of my daughters gave me a glass owl for my birthday and it's so special to me. I bet I'd love reading this.