Wednesday, February 6, 2013


I loved this book.  It lives up to the description on  Penelope is from the country and has not been taught all the things a proper lady should know.  She comes to London with her pet goat and does not have suitable clothes.  The dowager Duchess of Blackthorne had promissed to help Penelope come out to London society so she can find a husband.  To help her learn proper manners Madame Bellafraude, a modeste is called.  The Madame has many secrets but helps Penelope learn how to use a fan, how to dance and how to get in and out of a carrage.

Ms. Wylde is able to put you in the setting.  She describes the costumes and even tells us what Lady Bathsheba, the goat wears or tears. When Penelope ties a string to a bust in order to tell when Anna leaves her room, you can see it.  You can almost swear you smell the perfumes that Madame uses on Penelope.  I really felt like I was right there with Penelope while I was reading the book. 

Penelope was sent to me free by the author, Anya Wylde, to read as an e-book because she liked my review of her first book.

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