Sunday, February 24, 2013

What the Cat Saw

What the Cat Saw by Carolyn Hart has a picture of a cat on the cover.  Jugs is the cat from the title. Though he does not have a big part in this book, Nela learns that his previous owner was killed because of a skateboard placed on the step.

I am using this for letter W in tha A-Z challenge.

Nela has the ability to read cat's thoughts when she looks them in the eye.  Jugs tells her that his owner was killed by a rolling board.  The cat also can tell her when she is angry or when someone else is angry.  I must say that Jugs does like Steve which is good, since Steve fell in love with Nela the moment he saw her.

Chloe, Nela'sister, and her boyfriend are off on a trip that he won.  Nela comes to sub for Chloe at the Haklo Foundation and to take care of Jugs.  The day, Nela arrives, the apartment she is staying in is randsacked while she is in the other room.  The police do not believe her beause, she had to open the door to let them into the place.  Nela was an investigative reporter and she decides to get as muh informationthat she can.

It is obvious that someone within the foundation had to be responsible for all the incidents that happened there.  As many of my friends in the cat mystery group on Yahoo, I wish there was more of Jugs in the book.  One can only hope that he would have a larger part in any other books.

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