Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Almost A Christmas Bride

Almost a Christmas Bride by Susan Crosby was read for the Christmas Spirit Challenge.  It is a 2011 Harlequin Special Edition that was among my books.

Shana Callahan is a single mother who has been working for a temp agency called At Your Service doing clerical or domestic jobs.  She is offered a full time job back home by Lance Kincaid.  The job is live in and she is afraid people with get the wrong idea.   Kincaid is good looking and single and has a large house.  he lets Shana select which bedrooms she will occupy.

They try their best to keep the relationship strictly business but they do wind up sleeping together and she could have become pregnant.  The test is negative and they feel they have bitten the bullet, until a friend suggests that the test was taken at the wrong time of day.  When she takes another test, it is positive.  Kincaid asks her out to dinner and she choose this time to tell him that she is pregnant.  He had prepared a surprise for her, he had a ring ready and he asks her to marry him.  She says yes.  He had even arranged with her father to buy his business on Christmas Eve.

I liked the way this book progressed their relationship.  They started off not fully liking each other and wind up in love.  It is a very easy book to read.

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  1. Participating in the Christmas Spirit challenge myself I thought I'd stop by to see what other bloggers are reading.

    A seasonal read that seems to be quite popular, thank you for sharing your thoughts.

    Nice to meet you, Merry Christmas.