Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Sentence Starters

Each year, Pop Culture Nerd provides a dozen or so sentence starters which you then use to tell others about yourself using the titles of books you have read during the current calender year.
Here are my responses for 2013

My to-do list looks likeA Novel Way to Die by Ali Brandon
If a peeping Tom peeked into my bedroom, he’d: [see] Cat Spitting Mad by Shirley Murphy Rousseau
If Martians meet me, they’d think: (I was) Hidden in Plain View by Diane Burke
My doctor is always telling me: [that I should make) Dangerous Alterations by Elizabeth Lynn Casey
The weirdest thing that happened this past week: (I saw on Halloween) Ella the Rose Fairy by Daisy Meadows
I often daydream about: (being) Enslaved by Shoshanna Evers
The government shutdown makes me: [think there is] Murder on the Mind  by Jeff Resnick
If I win the lottery, I’d: (have) One Hex of a Wedding by Yasmine Galenorn
My superpower isKiss of Fire by Rebecca Ethington
I knew I was a book lover when: [I was] Out of Circulation by Miranda James 
My blogging experience has beenRead and Buried by Erika Chase

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