Friday, November 29, 2013

Hunger Games

The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins fits Science Fiction on Literary Exploration hallenge and Dystopian on Eclectic Reader Challenge. I wish to note that I have not seen either of the Hunger Game Movies.

The society has survived a war.  There are twelve districts and each year, 2 younger people from each district are chosen by lot to compete in the Hunger Games, one male and one female.  The games are held in an arena and only one can survive and be declared the winner.There are great perks for the winner, their family and the district from which they came.  Katniss Everdine and her friend Gale have been hunting for years together in a part of their district that is beyond the fense.  Kat is a good archer.  When the time for selection comes, her sister, Primrose's name is called.  Being a good sister, Kat volunteers to go instead.
The young man chosen is Peeta who is the son of the baker.  It turns out that Peeta has had a crush on Kat for a long time and their mentor decides to use this romance as a way to get them sponsos.

I was surprised that I loved the story and the way it is told.  I am not sure if I want to see the movies or not as the descriptions are wonderful and seeing them on screen may spoil my enjoyment of the books should I decide to read the others.

I certainly would recommend that a parent should decide if their child is mature enough for the violence that has to be described in such a game situation.

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