Monday, December 30, 2013

Off The Shelf 2013

My books for the Off the Shelf Challenge:  I choose Trying: 15 books.

  1. Homeless in Hawaii
  2. A Novel Way to Die
  3. How to Lose A Tooth
  4. The Detectives Secret Daughter
  5. Let It Sew
  6. There's An Owl in the Shower
  7. The 15th Start
  8. Top-Flight Fully-Automated Junior High School Detective
  9. Boo and the Backyard Zoo
  10. Chase of a Lifetime
  11. Cat Laughing Last
  12. Murder on the Mind
  13. Cat Seeing Double
  14. Quincy M.E.
  15. Once a Ferrara Wife
  16. The Xibalba Murders

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