Sunday, December 22, 2013

Queen of Babble


Queen Of Babble by Meg Cabot is my New Adult book for the Eclectic Reader Challenge.

Lizzie Nichols has almost graduated college. She finds she needs to write a Senior Thesis in her field of study which was Fashion History.  She has a graduation ceremony which her parents attend but received an empty diploma case.

She takes a trip to London to meet her boyfriend Andrew and finish her thesis. Unfortunately, she can't keep her mouth shut.  She is stuck in England without a boyfriend or place to stay until the date of departure on a non-refundable ticket.  Her best friend, Shari, who was her college roommate is spending the summer helping out at a chateau in France.  So, she decides to go join her.  Lizzie talks to a young man on the train about what happened in London and much to her surprise finds out that it is his family that owns the chaeau where Shari is working.

Lizzie is welcome to stay as long as she helps with the wedding.  While on a tour of the place, she discovers a vintage gown that has a rust stain.  She manages to remove the stain and fix it to fit the bride who happens to be the young man's cousin.

Luke is the young man and his girlfriend had her own plans for the place - she want to turn it into a place where people can recover from plastic surgery and get rid of the vineyards.  Lizzie manages to let Luke's parents know what the girlfiend's plans were and what Luke really wants to do with his life - which is to become a doctor.

Will she wind up with Luke?  How does she manage to get rid of the girlfriend?  To answer the questions, you will have to read this book.

I loved this story.  The descriptions of the surroundings are wonderful.  We get to know what people are wearing through Lizzie's eyes.  Parts of her thesis are found at the beginning of each chapter.  It is a fun and fast, entertaining read.

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