Saturday, December 7, 2013

Ugly Stepsister Strikes Back

I obtained The Ugly Stepsister by Sariah Wilson from Feed My Reader for free.  I read it for that and am using it as U book for alphabet challenge.

The title makes you think of Cinderella which in a way is try.  Except Ella in this book is the stepsister and she is not evil and she is beautiful.  Mattie Lowe's dad is an artist as is her mother.  Her parents divorced after being married for a short time.  Mr. Lowe married Rose who was Ella's mother when both girls were two years old.  After they divorced Ella spent summers and every other Christmas with them.  When Rose died, Mr Lowe brought Ella home and the girls started going to the same school.  It was their second year in High School.  

Mattie felt ugly.  She had just recently had her braces removed and Ella was going out with Jake Kingston who Mattie had a crush on since she was nine years old.  Trent and Mattie were great friends and she felt he was like a brother to her.  Ella finally decided to break up with Jake and Mattie and Jake were forced to work on an assignment together.  Soon Ella asked Mattie if she could go out with Trent which was ok.

Since school activities look good for colleges, Mattie was urged to get involved in school.  She decides to run for school president against Jake.  When they are working on the class project, Mattie finds out that she and Jake share some interests in common.  They also want to go to the same college which is not the school their parents want them to attend.

Eventually, Ella helps Mattie discover her outer beauty and gets her made over for the Masquerade Ball.  Jake does not recognize Mattie.  The results of the voting is announced and Mattie was elected President.  When she sees Jake go towards her sister, she misunderstands and runs home.  They meet later and Jake tells her the truth.  

I loved this story.  It is a romantic story which develops as the book goes on.  It certainly is a different take on the classic Cinderella story.

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